Experienced PA new to Dallas, TX

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Wesley Scanlon
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'm Wesley, a compelling, Fair-Skinned boy from Hawaii, sunburns and all-- and I have worked through Hawaii, LA, New York, New Jersey & Las Vegas…& survived it. Why?


I simply cannot stop adding value to everything I’m involved in.


Office and location PA, especially live events work in Hawaii; Set PA in New York commercials; AD in New Jersey Business Boomtime LLC for all promotions, sponsors, events; and everything to do on films in Las Vegas.  I am NOT an unemployed actor--I am a pusher and doer, living for the production of valuable works.


I'm now in Dallas. This location has yet to be taken to its higher potential. [Unfortunately, this location has also been one of the hardest to get into a solid groove than many other places. High "walls."] I'm experienced, motivated, intelligent, inventive, and can work well with & for anyone in any platform, venue or late night, overtime grunt work. Give it to me, I'll work it til it gets done. Then I'll redo it without a grumble. Because it has to get done.


PLEASE let me know of any new leads or ways of finding more work out here.



 Wesley Scanlon


808 286 5695




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