Figura Media, LLC.

Video, Production Company, Photography - Stills, Location Services

About us

Figura Media is a production services company that specializes in the creation of audiovisual content for film, TV and the web. We are the folks that clients call when they have an idea for a movie, TV program or documentary and need a great team to bring it into reality.

We are all about execution. We know crews, gear, logistics and coordination. We shoot all over the Unites States and in Brazil.  Our business is to turn creative briefs, ideas and scripts into exciting audiovisual experiences. We make our client’s projects our life’s mission. We have built a strong reputation based on our core values of efficiency, hard work, and premium customer service. 

Our expertise has landed us clients such as A SPORTS, INTEL, SAMSUNG, FOX, WARNER BROS, and others. We welcome your inquiries about projects you need us to help you execute. Hit us up and let’s get it done together.


Youth, Web Series, Variety, Trailer, Short Film, Observational Documentary, Music Video, Lifestyle, Leisure, Investigative, Infomercial, Historical Documentary, Feature Film, Drama Television Serial, Drama Reconstruction, Documentary, Docudrama, Commercial, Biography

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