Jen Bubb

Last updated on 09/18/17

I'm Jen, a Summa Cum Laude graduate from the Los Angeles Film School. I specialize in editing, and work also as a commissioned artist helping with storyboards as well as concept art. I'm eager to help in any way I can, and am appreciative for any opportunity I receive. I enjoy working und… Read more


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Credits and Employment History

Camera Operator - Ultimate Jam Night


6/2017 - until now

Help with bringing in equipment, set up cameras, instruct new employees, maintain a safe working environment, record introductions before each show and post to social media to promote, record live concerts and interviews, wrap after each shoot, and load equipment after shows.

Storyboard Artist - The Woman In The Walls

Steven Paul Taylor

4/2017 - 9/2017

Create a storyboard based on the script given and based on notes taken when talking with the director. Have created over 1,200 pictures to be used for the feature length film. Created detailed drawings in likeness of the location and cast ideas at the time.

Assistant Editor - Open House

Mike Muncatchy

6/2017 - 7/2017

Organized drives, ingest footage and organize project , create proxies, sync audio/video

Editor - SPARK Program

Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences

11/2016 - 5/2017

Was the editor for seven short films. Discussed the films with each director and mentor, organized footage and projects, ingested footage and created proxies, watch all footage and created sequences, do special effects, color correction, adjusted audio levels, mixed sound/sound effects, edited music, title and credit sequences, and handled exports.

Assistant Editor - Carlitos Cooking Adventures

Inflection Studios

11/2016 - 3/2017

In charge of organization of footage and projects, syncing audio/video, creating select reels based on scenes, find non-licensed music, adjust audio levels, take notes, communicate between editors, export episodes and send them to colorist, create a reel for the director.

Editor - A Father's Love

The Los Angeles Film School

11/2016 - 12/2016

Organize footage, audio, and projects, then create proxies, sync audio/video, edit together sequences and finally a complete short film,color correct, adjust audio levels, find music, sound effects, record ADR, do a final mix of the project, handle export.

Editor - Forever Yours

The Los Angeles Film School

9/2016 - 10/2016

Entailed creating and organizing the project, ingesting footage, creating proxies, syncing, cutting together sequences, color correction, visual effects, audio level adjustments, finding fitting music, find and create sound effects, handle the export and bring it in to work the audio on a sound board and do a final mix.

Storyboard Artist - Outer Choice

J.R. Griffin

9/2016 - 10/2016

Create and edit detailed drawings for the script to be used to gain financing and help on set.

Storyboard Artist - Sebudai

Magaly Monterroso

5/2016 - 6/2016

Create detailed drawings for the script given, based on notes and talks with the director.


The Los Angeles Film School

Associates Degree, 4.0 GPA