Alan Chamberlain

Last updated on 03/15/14

I am a writer, producer and VFX supervisor in Los Angeles. View work online here:


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Alan Chamberlain Editing and MoGraph Demo Reel

Credits and Employment History

2007-2010 Creative Director, Nth Media, Inc
Designed layout and graphics for multiple, dynamic website projects. Oversaw all aspects of software development including the implementation of new technologies. In the course of my duties, I created business plans, scopes of work, flowcharts, manuals and other technical docs in addition to Powerpoint and Keynote presentations. I also did video sizzles for the studios and marketing materials for the company’s various assets.

2003-2007 Freelance Editor/Motion Graphics Artist
During these years, I worked on dozens of films, TV shows, and commercials as an editor and motion graph artist using FCP and AE. I spent some time at Blissium in Santa Monica, but for the most part worked out of my studio or went to various post houses as requested by clients. I did just about every job in the post production spectrum from assisting with reshoots to doing the final online and layoff to D5.

A partial list of clients during this time
Disney BVHE, Warner Bros Consumer Products, Propaganda Films, Jove Films, Allentown Productions, Dave Clark Productions, Cox Cable, King World, Fred Dreyer Productions, Media Distributors, Stars Direct, Aardvark Productions, DR Group, Spike TV, Shed Media, Clarity Golf, Golt TV, Authentic TV, Twin Planets, and a host of other companies/individuals.

2000-2003 Partner, Input/Output Enterprises
Formed a company to do mutlimedia authoring and video work. Created dozens of EPKs (Electronic Press Kits) made websites, and did extensive graphics and video work including digital ink and paint.

A partial list of clients during this time
PriceWaterhouseCoopers, WB Theatrical, Sony, Vivid, Makia Promotions, Caregiver Plus, The Media Imaging Company, Photocenter,


1998-1999 National Computer Training
Instructor: After Effects, Premiere, Director, Front Page, Photoshop, Illustrator

1997-1998 Graphic Designer, Johnson and Murphy Advertising
Graphic Design & Layout for Print, Logo Design, Interstitial Concept Design

1996-1997 Class 6 Interactive
Technical Director for Animation and Software Authoring

1995-1996 Vault Manager, Post Logic Stuidos
Ran the Vault, trained as a Tape Op and on the Henry and Hal

1991-1993 Designer/Producer, Channel 12 Studios in Pensacola, FL

I have spared you all the jobs waiting tables, delivering pizza, telemarketing and cleaning things...

Industry Qualifications

SKILLS: Editing, Compositing, and Special Effects for TV and Film; Graphic Design for video, print, and the web; all aspects of digital Prepress; Multimedia and DVD Menu Authoring; Dynamic Web System Administration; Powerpoint and Keynote presentations; writing technical docs, manuals and business plans; Photography and QTVRs.


1994-2010 School of Hard Knocks and Tough Surprises

1991-1994 University of West Florida (Theatre Major), Pensacola, FL

1987-1991 Gulf Breeze High School, Gulf Breeze, FL

Technical Equipment

TOOLS: Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Flash, Director MX 2004, Dreamweaver, Quark, In Design, DVD Studio Pro, Keynote, Final Draft, Word, Scrivener, Excel, Numbers, Powerpoint, Garage Band, Soundtrack Pro, Live Type, Motion, Cinema 4D and a host of other internet and processing utilities.

Other Skills/Additional Information

Musical Instruments: Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Percussion

I've done a lot of midi music sequencing