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The Metadata Technician is responsible for providing construct and validation expertise for the Global Media Services group. The daily functions include validating client metadata, ingesting metadata into The company’s metadata management system, conforming metadata to various customer platforms and validating the metadata against the final deliverable package contents to ensure accuracy. This position will also require the incumbent to act as a SME (Subject Matter Expert). In addition, the Metadata Technician will collaborate with The company's Application Development team in streamlining existing workflows and tools, while also providing expert knowledge for the development of new tools.

 Aggregate client and project data.
 Ingest customer metadata into our management system.
 Create well formed XML, analyze, edit, correct, conform and validate metadata to meet deliverable platform specifications.
 Maintain an accurate project status using our production management tools ensuring all team members can access accurate and timely information of asset status, location and history.
 Identify, prioritize, resolve, document and communicate both technical and operational issues providing overall Quality Control.
 Participate in investigating client rejections, providing the business with a root cause while seeking to mitigate future risks.

 Minimum of two years work experience in the video/audio operational field.
 Possess a high degree of knowledge surrounding video, audio, metadata, tools and the post-production environment
 Knowledge of the technical specifications and their uses i.e. codecs, wrappers, VBI, closed captioning, frame rates, aspect ratios, bit rates, color space, GOP structures, standards conversion and metadata
 Possess a high level understanding of video and audio content, be able to evaluate and classify defects or anomalies in video, audio program material and metadata.
 Possess a high degree of computer skills, including the ability to work with and debug untested production software.
 Flexible work schedule
Familiar with Macintosh and Windows OS
 Familiar with XML editors
 Familiar with XML schemas and terminology

Education and Experience:
 High school diploma or equivalent
 On the job experience
 Audio/Video trade school certification
 Audio/Video college degree
 Two years of experience with content transformation applications not limited to Final Cut, Digital Rapids, Rhozet and Protools.
 Two years of experience with post-production hardware Tape decks, Vector scopes, captioning, text inserters, signal flow and patch-bays
 Two years of experience with file transport technologies Aspera, Signiant, smartjog and FTP
 Understanding of IP addressing, permissions, networking concepts and terminology

Sorry but this vacancy has now been filled.