figure skating shooter

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Scottsdale, AZ
4 days
$680 (for all 4 days)
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About the job

We are looking to fill a position for camera operator for 4 days, April 10-13, 2013.

This is a US Figure Skating event, and in general it should be a positive atmosphere. Our service is to provide good smooth shots of each skater as they go out and skate their routine on the ice. It's very repetitive, but it can be fun. You'll hear lots of music and see things that'll make you smile. Just be sure to dress warm as it is in an ice rink! We'll have everything setup and will provide all gear. You just show up and shoot!

The cameras we use are Canon XF305s, so any prior experience with that camera would be good, though certainly not required. Our shooting methods are very straight-forward. Nice and smooth panning, full skater in the frame at all times. Nothing artistic. No big zooms, etc.

Requirements for consideration:
- We prefer you to be local. Travel and hotel accommodations will be considered but if you are local you will take precedence over someone who is not.
- Must be good with technology! You will be responsible for capturing the video on one of our computers and naming files, etc. Being tech savvy is a plus!
- Must have experience shooting live events, preferably sporting events. (if you have a sample you can point us to, great!)
- (and most importantly) Must be fun to work with!

Event hours are still to be determined as the schedule for this event has not been finalized, though you can expect 10-12 hrs. days.

Any time worked over 12 hours in 1 day will be paid an additional overtime rate of $25/hr.

There are 10-15 minute breaks every few hours when they bring out the Zamboni to do an ice make. This event is a lot of fun, and we make sure it's enjoyable for everyone.

We'll have some other great crew members there, so it'll be a fun event to work. Please email me asap so we can get you booked!

Sorry but this vacancy has now been filled.