Job no. 25252819

Digital Film Marketeer

City, State
New York, NY
Summer 2017
£10 an hr
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About the job

I am searching for a person to help digitally promote the short film series I am doing this summer. I am releasing, 10+ short films (3 min or less) under the moniker, Medium Hard.

Each film is different but they are often funny and surreal. They are going to be amazing (trust!)... I need a person to reach out to the blogs, facebook pages and websites to get more viewership and engagement with the films and medium hard. This must be done in conjunction with running the social media presence. 5-8hrs a week. Flexible hours. 2x times the hourly rate if we hit target numbers...

Please write me about which blogs, facebook pages and websites, you would post to and why you are right for this.

Sorry but this vacancy has now been filled.