Warner Bros. to Relaunch ‘Gilligan’s Island’

Posted on December 17th, 2013 by in Announcements

The original Skipper (CBS Television)

The original Skipper (CBS Television)

Warner Bros. has announced it is moving forward with an adaptation of the 1960s rerun classic Gilligan’s Island. Josh Gad of Matt Stone and Trey Parker‘s musical The Book of Mormon is set to star.

The story follows seven castaways–The gruff Skipper, his bumbling first mate Gilligan, the charming farm girl Mary Ann, the ditzy bombshell Ginger, the handsome and intelligent Professor, and the ritzy Mr. and Mrs. Howell–after they’re shipwrecked on a desert isle.

Gad will also play a duel role as screenwriter with Benji Samit and Dan Hernandez.

Just which character Gad will play has not yet been announced. Though he does bear more resemblance to The Skipper than to Gilligan or the Professor–or Ginger or Mary Ann, for that matter.

Executive Producer Lloyd Schwartz, son of the original show’s producer Sherwood Schwartz, might imbue the revamp with some of the magic that made the original such a lasting hit in syndication.

For more on Gilligan’s Island 2.0, check out the full article by Dave McNary on Variety.com.

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