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steve blackmore
I signed up for Music Jobs by chance as I wasn't actively looking for a new job, but
wanted to keep my options open. A few months after I signed up, the perfect job
landed in my email inbox. I now have a job I really enjoy and it's all thanks to
Music Jobs!

The Virtual Music Company Ltd
Thanks for the prompt and I have just placed a new advertisement on your
site. I recently advertised for a Japanese translator and I received several
excellent responses. One was selected and he has done an excellent job for me
and for which he was paid his agreed price immediately.

I am very happy that you add this and also that I found a translator to
convert my music websites into Chinese also. It is a great service and really
does deliver and I had a very quick response too. All were great candidates and
equally well qualified and this was a top quality result in every way.

Very many thanks

David Jephcott FRSA

S. M.
S. M.
to potential music-jobs members: The site was very helpful and user-friendly, with a wide range of organisations represented. I am now about to start work as music administrator at a lovely music school, having seen the details on UK Music-Jobs. Good luck to all jobseekers and keep checking the jobs board, you never know what will come up!14/11/07
Tomas Wojakowski
Tomas Wojakowski
Great job guys!
I've found some temp job when i was still studying - it was just perfect - big studio & I! :D
Now I've got a job as a sound realizateur in a national TV so thx guys and keep up the good work! Thx for networking!

Ginevra House
I got my dream job! I'm going to be working in the National Sound Archive at the British Library - a very happy place for an ethnomusicologist to end up.

Thank you Music Jobs for bringing my hope while I was stuck in uninspiring temp work. You offer a brilliant selection of jobs and seem to attract the top organisations in the music and theatre world. Well worth the £7 / month.
Renee Sears
Renee Sears
Thank you so much for such a great site and for being so friendly when I've needed advice!
Our bands have secured a few gigs from people looking on our soundcheck and I have an interview for a personal project next week.
Thank you again.

Sammy B & Fast Eddie
I must add a comment that the response we have recieved for our recent advertisements has been phenomenal.

We have found a number of excellent vocalists, who we are currently working with.

We will definitely use the site in future for recruitment - and will certainly recommend this site to others.

Many thanks to the excellent staff at uk music jobs - and to everyone that responded.

UK Music Jobs was recommended to me by a friend. As soon as I signed up for the £7 a month subscription and started applying for jobs, I had lots of interviews and meetings with people. My area of expertise is Early Music and Private Teaching, and I have just got my first fuul time music teaching position for Music House for Children by looking on this site. And I never would have found the job without it, or have been able to network with so many people!

Thanks UK Music Jobs; if you are not already a subscriber, do it now, it is well worth the price to get a great job at the end of it.
J. W.
J. W.
It's taken a little while to come through for me but I've finally found a music job to pay the bills whilst allowing me time for my own projects. In the minefield of the music industry and the desert of employment opportunities for young musicians without killer contacts, you guys have been an oasis when there was nowhere else to turn. Wahey! I don't have to take a job in sales!20/07/07

Rebecca Taylor
I have just found my DREAM job and Got it!!!!!! Thankyou so much to UK MUSIC-JOBS, if it wasnt for this site i would never have found them and they would never have found me! I now work for my favourite music magazine and have a career path! I definately recommend to pay the £7 per month to gain full access to this site, there are so many business's using this site to find people who are seeking employment in the world of entertainment/ music industry and in many cases there's a success story like mine!!!!! :) Thanku so so much!!!!!!!25/06/07