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I found this website by chance and advertised five temporary job vacancies for musicians throughout the UK. I had to remove the advert within 24 hours because of the excellent response. I will certainly use your service again.

best wishes


Dawn Rose
I really did find music-jobs
useful in helping me evaluate the market. I have also recommended it to several
friends and would definately use it again should I find I need too.


Antony Meola
Antony Meola
UK Music Jobs enabled me to advance my career by enabling me to find a job as an A&R assistant with Upper 11 Records. Now at the age of 18 I am currently searching the UK trying to find the next best thing all thanks to UK Music

George Coutsoudis
George Coutsoudis

Dear Matt

I just want to send my congratulations to yourself and Lisa for such an amazing and
innovative site. What a brilliant and exciting opportunity for artists, musicians,
writers, singers and actors to have a fresh and up to the minute update with regards
to what is happening out there on the jobs market. You must feel so proud to have
created a project that not only brings joy to your working day, but also bringing a
shining beacon of hope to all those who have for so long felt so lost about now
knowing where to go to find a ' day job ' in the creative world. Thank you thank you
thank you! You rock the house.

Ciao for now
George Coutsoudis
FeedMe Music ltd
FeedMe Music ltd
Feedme Music have been trying to find some good staff for months and thanks to this great site we have found 10 really great people that we are happy to say have joined the Feedme team on either a full-time or part-time basis. Your service is great and in our experience works really well to match like minded people together. The music industry can be such a closed network and without people like Music jobs most of us would not find our way in.

Thanks again and I know where to go next time we are looking. Hope to work with you more to offer services to the bands and artists.
Alice Birkhead
Alice Birkhead
I have just been offered my second job from this wonderful site. I landed a contract singing in a 5 star hotel in china last summer, and now I have just been offered the job posted by Flair Event staffing. So i will be working at all of this summers music festivals. Thank you so much for providing this site. Its been a life line!
Michael Hulme
Michael Hulme
After a difficult 6 months looking for a job since being made redundant, during which time I have had countless interviews and emails including that infamous line "we reget to inform you, but....", I have finally landed my dream job!!

It's been a rollercoaster ride and I was ready to give up hope, but the hard work has paid off. I couldn't have done it without the help of this site.

Many thanks to all the uk music jobs team for their hard work.


Rachel Gold
Hey you Guys

What a great service. Thank you so much for letting me know. It is so hard
job hunting, especially when it is a career change! You have really given me
support, I appreciate it.

Regards Rachel Gold
Mike Hopkins
Mike Hopkins
Hi I`m very impressed with this website. I only joined today so I`m keeping my fingers crossed that I might actually get some gig`s etc. I wish I had discovered it earlier.02/03/07

Allison Hodge
This website has helped me more in the past week than any other for years!

Thank you to the team that run it!

I want life membership haha