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Stathis Kampylis
Tour Production Assistant, Tour Manager, Technical Manager, Teacher - Ins...
Richard Evatt
Studio Manager (Assistant), Studio Maintenance Technician, Sound Mixer, S...
Rachael Gibson
Stage Manager (Assistant), Sound Mixer, Sound Engineer, Sound Designer, S...

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Sanaa Music Business Academy
posted about 6 months ago
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Music career mentor
posted about 20 months ago
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Summer Course "The Business of Music in Germa...
posted about 22 months ago
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Aderra UK Limited
Production, Production, Production, Events, Events, Events, Equipmen...
Bedford College
School / College

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DigiMediaL_Music: The Business of Music in Ge...
posted about 22 months ago
UK Music Industry Weekly Round-Up; 2013-07-12
posted about 3.7 years ago
`Inside Abbey Road: The Best Studio In The World'
posted about 4.1 years ago

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FEATURED: Richard Schenkman, Director, Producer
We turn the spotlight on some of our subscribers...
Sanaa Music Business Academy
Sanaa Music Business Academy is set to run it’s second introductory course ...
UCLan hosts International Music Conference
Two-day conference aims to engage students and the public with the music in...