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matt davison
Studio Manager (Assistant), Studio Manager, Sound Engineer, Sound Designe...
Jonny Alford
Teacher - Instrumental, Singer / Songwriter, Lecturer, Composer, Arranger
Carlotta Massimino
Voice Over Artist, Teacher - Instrumental, Songwriter, Social Media Manag...

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Music career mentor
posted about 14 months ago
1 reply
Summer Course "The Business of Music in Germa...
posted about 16 months ago
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Music Business Courses/Professional Development
posted about 16 months ago
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Aderra UK Limited
Production, Production, Production, Events, Events, Events, Equipmen...
Bedford College
School / College

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DigiMediaL_Music: The Business of Music in Ge...
posted about 16 months ago
UK Music Industry Weekly Round-Up; 2013-07-12
posted about 3.2 years ago
`Inside Abbey Road: The Best Studio In The World'
posted about 3.6 years ago

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UCLan hosts International Music Conference
Two-day conference aims to engage students and the public with the music in...
[STASH] Gmunk Interview: The Next Generation ...
GMUNK reveals his ideas on the future of motion creation and collaboration ...