Assistant Engineer

What do Assistant Engineers do?

An Assistant Engineer will assist the recording engineer in operating the soundboard and other electrical equipment during the recording session, usually in the recording studio. They will assist in recording, editing, mixing and mastering sound using a range of specialised mechanical and digital equipment. While usually associated with music production, an Assistant Engineer may work in post-production for video and film, live sound, advertising, multimedia, and broadcasting. They are responsible for assisting the recording engineer with setting up the equipment, recording tracks, and mixing. Their work will be directed by the recording engineer. The Assistant Engineer may also be responsible for helping to mix the recorded tracks into the finished product.

An Assistant Engineer may also work on a live music event, especially if it is a large concert or festival. They will need to help operate the soundboard during the performance, and will also be involved in soundcheck and setting up the equipment in advance of a live performance.

Assistant Engineers may also be involved in post-production work, such as helping with the final mixes of recordings that have been sent by a studio, band or artist for finishing touches, or in re-mastering, when they will work on analog masters on vinyl, 8-track or audiocassette, and remaster them for release on CD or other digital media.

An Assistant Engineer may also work on film, TV or video production, assisting in making sure audio tracks are synchronised and equalised with the video. Sometimes they will be required to re-record existing music, as it is often cheaper for the producer to use a re-recording rather than the original master if they need a particular song or piece of music.

An Assistant Engineer will need experience and training in the production and manipulation of sound through mechanical and digital means. They will need to be familiar with the design, installation, and operation of sound recording, sound reinforcement, or sound broadcasting equipment. They are often musicians, or have a musical background. Experience is very important, and many Assistant Engineers will spend time working on their own music or working for friends and contacts in the music industry. It is a highly technical and skilled job and there are many professional courses available at schools, universities and specialist music schools.

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Sound Technician Work Experience
East London (non-paid or commission based)
Studio Assistant for Music School
London (Hoxton/Shoreditch)
Sound Design Assistant
West London (non-paid or commission based)
Intern Sound Engineer, Music Studio Manager/ Coordinator
London (non-paid or commission based)

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