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What do Assistant Editors do?

Assistant Editor: Film, TV and Video

An Assistant Editor or Assistant Music Editor working in film, TV or video will be responsible for providing logistical assistance to the editor or editors. The responsibilities will vary depending on the size and budget of the production, what type of production it is and how it is being produced. There is often a blurring of roles, for example between a Music Editor and a music supervisor, and there is not necessarily a clear distinction between the tasks carried out in the respective roles. An Assistant Editor may be permitted by the editor to do some creative work, such as commenting on the editor's work or making some decisions on cutting.

An Assistant Editor will integrate the sound effects and music into the track in line with the editor or director's requirements. They will often provide music for test screens, which will be compiled from existing music. The director will often wait until after the edit to put in any new music, as it will be clearer exactly what it required and so save time and money. A Music Editor, or Assistant Music Editor may help the composer get their work done. They will help in the scoring of the session, cutting the music into the film, dubbing and mixing, trying new songs or other music, and edit to fit the action. On the business side they will create the cue sheet for licensing. They will list everything used in film for royalty purposes.

An Assistant Editor is likely to work freelance or for a specialist agency and to work on a contract basis. A good knowledge of the music and media industry is useful, and it helps to be well connected to managers, artists producers and legal specialists.

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