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What do Account Executives do?

An Account Executive in the music industry may work in PR, Marketing or Sales. They are employed directly either by a music company, or by an agency specialising in the music or entertainment industry. They will usually be responsible for a specific client of the agency or company, or a specific brand or company product. In the music industry this may be a band or solo artist, or a record label. The Account Executive will often be responsible for a portfolio of clients or brands.

The work is very competitive and Account Executives may work with some of the leading names in entertainment and music. Experience is as important as professional qualifications and an Account Executive who can demonstrate a good record of success in marketing and sales will be highly valued. There are also a number of professional qualifications available which are valuable for developing skills and keeping in touch with the latest thinking. Remuneration is often in the form of a basic salary with commission or performance related pay on top. Success is very much measured in terms of specific outcomes such as numbers of sales, or reaching a new target audience of music buyers.

An Account Executive may be required to manage a range of music from a classical music label, to online pop projects. They are required to be knowledgeable about the music market and keep up to date with trends and changes. They will usually need experience in a variety of media, such as specialised music press, general and lifestyle press and digital media, with the position going to the individual most able to demonstrate the potential of this experience.

As well as music industry knowledge an Account Executive will need high energy levels, a proactive approach and the ability to work under pressure are attributes we’re looking for.

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