Music Match Help Center

How to get the most out of Music Match.

We’re often asked how users of Music Match can maximise the value of their membership to the site – leading ultimately to that sought-after job.
Here are our top 10 tips for getting the most out of Music Match:

Job Types
Music Match allows you to select up to 4 distinct Job Type categories on your profile. The selections you make here determine which job alerts we email to you, and how employers find you when they search the Music Match CV Database*. To maximise your exposure, make sure you have chosen 4 appropriate Job Types.

Work In
Just like the Job Type tick boxes – selecting the area(s) you are available to work in determines the email alerts you get, and the employer searches* you appear in. Be realistic about what you select. Are you really prepared to move to London from Manchester?

About Me
The ‘About Me‘ section on your Music Match profile is your chance to sell yourself. The first 100 words of the ‘About Me’ appears next to your name in the search results* presented to employers who directly search our database. Make sure you have something attention-grabbing in there to entice employers to look at your full profile.
If you have elected to allow your profile to be found by major internet search engines* (like Google, Bing and Yahoo – see below), then the ‘About Me’ section is what appears under the link to your CV in their search results.

Upload a Picture
A picture of yourself, your work, a logo or a still can help make your profile memorable. In addition to making your profile different from the rest of the bunch, it also allows you to express your personality and give you an online identity which is useful not only in sticking in people’s mind, but when engaging with the Music Match community though the forum, or contacting other freelancers. It only takes a few quick clicks!

Upload Your Professional CV
Have you got a Word or PDF version of your full professional CV? Upload it to your Music Match profile. Many employers like to see a standard CV attached to Music Match multimedia profiles.

Log In Often
Many employers search our freelancer database directly to find the people who have the skills they need, without advertising on the jobs board. CVs listed in our CV Database* are listed in order of those most recently updated. Every time you log into Music Match, and every 3 minutes thereafter that you stay on the website, your Music Match CV is automatically put at the top of the search results in the CV Database. Logging in every few days will make sure you’re always visible: everyone’s doing it!

Let Google Find You
Whilst we cannot ‘insert’ your Music Match CV into major internet search engines’ results, we can do our best to make sure they find you. Many of our freelancers are reporting that they have found music industry jobs directly as a result of their Music Match profile appearing in a Google search!

Upload Reels and Samples
Jazz up your profile by adding multimedia content to it. If you have any audio or video samples of your work, attach them to your Music Match profile. What better way to exhibit exactly what you’re made of? You can have as many uploaded files as you like* – provided each is under 50Mb in size, and is in a format supported by the Music Match system.

Credits and Employment History
It’s essential that you list your recent relevant credits and your latest employment history, with emphasis on music industry jobs. Flag up the achievements you are proud of, and be bold in selling yourself to your next potential employer. As you are aware the music industry is very tough, so you need to maximise your chances by selling yourself through your profile.

Cover Letters
When applying* for a job directly through Music Match, you are given the opportunity to write a cover letter to the job employer. A link to your online profile is included underneath that letter. The cover letter is the first contact, and first impression you make with your prospective new employer – it’s vital to make a good impression and to make them excited about you. Two lines saying ‘look at my CV’ is not impressive. Give a brief description of your recent achievements, and outline why you think you are perfect for this job. Imagine the person reading your cover letter has already looked at 50, and there are another 50 to follow. What is it about you that’s going to make them take that next step and look at your online Music Match profile (complete with pictures, videos and a full, downloadable Word or PDF CV)?

*visibility in Music Match database search results, visibility in external search engines, applying for jobs and unlimited uploads are only available to Premium (subscribing) Members of Music Match.