Come record an album, make a documentary get your PR photos taken care of for the next 6 months ALL AT BALTAR MEDIA!

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Christopher Ransome
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We are opening a brand new music studio/media facility in Croydon in Jan 2017. We have top of the line recording gear, video gear and a professional photography set up all in house. 


We will be offering pretty big discounts for the first 3 months on all 360 packages. This includes block bookings of 50 hours or more (5 x 10 hr days) and every package includes video and photography so you can have some polished material for your social media and PR campaigns. 

We can even help you, heck teach you how to run your own (working) PR campaigns!

This is great for those of you who seriously care about your art and are willing to put the money and time into your act, which at the end of the day is an investment and it should be treated as such. We have all played in bands for our entire lives and have real world experience and the stories to prove it! And the bags under our eyes. :)


Get in touch at


or give me a call on 07585777045


I prefer phone calls. We're a friendly bunch so get in touch!



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