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2 MC's - 1 Irish & 1 German to contribute an 8 bar feature for a remix
Started by Richard Annal
2312 days ago
Started by Mazdak Ataie
31943 days ago
Do you need a music video done?
Started by Ieva Makselyte
033about 7 weeks ago
BASS GUITARIST WANTED!!! LONDON.025about 2 months ago
BASS PLAYER WANTED!022about 2 months ago
DRUMMER WANTED!!!017about 2 months ago
EXPERIENCED BASSIST WANTED!!!022about 2 months ago
Festival Volunteer
Started by Oxjam Leeds Festival
028about 2 months ago
We Jamming?
Started by Ian Warwick
032about 3 months ago
Band seek singer songwriter - Rugby area
Started by OpenE
291about 3 months ago