Media studio in Croydon for wet hire (6 month contract)

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Christopher Ransome
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Calling all bands and musicians! We have a fully kitted out media studio packed with everything that a working band needs. High end cinema cameras. High end DSLRs. High grade recording gear and mastering grade monitoring. We are offering 4 days a month with engineers on hand for everything we offer for only 800 a month.  This would normaly cost you 1200 and thats just for the audio production side of what we do!

If you want to make an album, let's get going. :)_

Want a professional photshoot? We have you covered.

Need a music video or a live lounge video, you can have that too!

Need tracks mastered? Easy peasy.

Each day lasts 10 hours (including lunch) and you can create anything that you want to in this time. There are no limits on the amount of photos you can take away, or the amount of songs you can create. Our full list of services are as follows.

Music Production (recording, mixing and mastering) - Ability to track 16 things at once. 

PR and social media

Photography including image retouching

Sesion players (guitar, drums, bass and vocals) 

Video creation including graphics/grade etc

Our whole team have extensive backgrounds in their fields and are all passionate abut music.


All fees are to paid on the first of every month

This offer is first come first served.

You will have access from 10am - 8pm.


Please feel free to call me and discuss this option. 


All the best everyone,


Chris Ransome


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