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Caribbean influenced music topping the UK pop charts
Started by Shesh Cooper
0133 days ago
Looking for an A&R in live music nights
Started by SideFields
2355 days ago
IQMG Studios
Started by Alexander Martin
1239 days ago
Studio hire
Started by Alexander Martin
33014 days ago
Music Studio Wanted
Started by Tom Stewart
0814 days ago
Guitar Collector Magazine for Sale!
Started by Nick Wells
2113about 7 weeks ago
Effretto Studios
Started by Effretto Studios
072about 9 weeks ago
Marketing Director
Started by Oliver Basi
039about 2 months ago
Successful Agent wanted for award winning major ex Sony Records/Record Producer/Artist with at least 18 #1's in at least 37 charts all around the world!
Started by James Colah
058about 3 months ago
Sound Engineer Available
Started by Matt Kanaris
4534about 3 months ago