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Discuss working in the industry, equipment, contracts and more...
by Tim Noakes


All the latest industry auditions
176433Looking for musicians to perfo...
by Chloe Lastname
3 days ago

Business Opportunities

Find new prospects...
9112744Recording Studio / Post Produc...
by Itay Kashti
3 days ago

Career Development

Connect with professionals who can help you up the ladder...
11802531Seeking indie-pop and electron...
by Platform Songs
10 days ago

Classified / For Sale

Buy/Sell Instruments, music gear, record collections...
584727For sale a Pair of Genelec 8030B
by Edward Wyett
3 days ago


Network with your peers, find new band members, open new doors...
48609905Looking for musicians to perfo...
by Chloe Lastname


Win free stuff!
169209ESO Composition Competition
by Paul Dickie
about 9 months ago


Workshops and courses to help improve your skills and further your education...
238286Become a MUSIC TEACHER in 24 WEEKS!
by Rich Cm
about 7 weeks ago


Gigs, events and conferences
9901745Prides Got Talent Competition
by Sarah Hart
5 days ago


Music-related banter...
8371492If You're In a Band
by Marcus Davis
11 days ago


133243Blocks of time in Camden music...
by Giles Waithe
about 6 months ago

Industry News

Latest figures, hearsay and gossip in the music biz...
263356SRI Records Celebrates Harry N...
by Herald Joy
about 2 months ago

Internship / Work Experience

Get your foot in the door...
7321318Music Promotion
by Andrea R. Montes

Job Opportunities

Vacancies posted by companies and other users
6751118Students Welcome Part Time Pai...
by Adam Hill
4 days ago

Loose Talk

Miscellaneous discussions...
5191080TV Opportunity
by Avanti Media
about 8 weeks ago


Promote your product or service...
11741421Need Guitars On Your Track?
by Richard Watson
3 days ago


Find / offer both private and group lessons...
744839Become a MUSIC TEACHER in 24 WEEKS!
by Rich Cm
about 7 weeks ago

Using the Music Jobs System

Share feedback, questions, complaints, compliments...
86263Non Paid Ads
by Music Professional
about 20 months ago