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Michael Ransome 4 Heathfield Drive Redhill, Surrey, RH1 5HH Tel: 07798622639 Email: fnfuk@hotmail.com Personal Details Nationality ~ British My name's Michael Ransome. I'm 27 with a strong passion and drive for music. I have had experience in many areas of the modern music industry ever… Read more


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Employment History

2012 - Present
Trainee/Broadcast Audio Engineer – Presteigne Charter
I have worked at Presteigne Charter for 12 years – firstly part time as I was going through education and finally as a full time staff member since 2008. My responsibilities have changed and grown over the years alongside the company and I have been lucky to gain a rounded skill set. From running and creating the wireless audio rigs for many of Presteigne Charter’s worldwide client base to being the beginning and end of the audio side of major projects such as BGT/Hotcam or events such as The Who Live at Wembley., I have been given a lot of responsibility and have earned it by working my way up. This has helped me improve my negotiating skills, as well as giving me the ability to take a step back from a situation much larger than myself and then resolving it accordingly.

Key achievements and responsibilities include:
• Maintaining equipment in regards to technical function as well as asset level information on a networked system..
• Discussing what a client wants and then designing a custom audio plan/spec for their own personal intended purpose.
• Organizing and implementing the practical side and logistics of various sales/repairs taken place outside of the company, ie. Various auctions and product showcases.
• Obtaining the technical knowledge required to operate the technology I’m working with.
• Acquiring new client contacts and maintaining these relationships.
• Providing start to finish support of every job. From gathering the items from the warehouse through to rigging, testing and delivering the equipment.
• Delivering demo days to the likes of the BBC and CTV to showcase technical and creative applications of broadcast hardware.
• Working with a hired in PR company to advise and guide them as to what it is that we do. We are not just a simple hire company and small details can be missed using purely outside knowledge.
Warehouse/Prep Technician – Presteigne Charter
By working at Presteigne Charter as a part timer in my earlier years I gained skills such as health and safety training, the knowledge of dispatch programs such as CETA and R2 and all the standard MS office tools. During my time there, I was given many responsibilities including archive work, filing, prepping TV cameras alongside engineers, learning the basics of the broadcast industry, both business and practical, and have also gone on many jobs outside of the workplace. I was also part of the team responsible for the prepping and loading for all of the equipment for all of the
Red bull air racing series which consisted of 9 events all over the world in the summer of 2006, Party in the Park 2006 as well as the World Cup 2006 also. I played a part in target setting, and organizing realistic ways of achieving the goals set to the workforce.
Key achievements and responsibilities include:
• Having a basic knowledge on every bit of kit in the building.
• Being responsible for every bit of equipment coming in and leaving the building – from the cheapest cable through to the most expensive lens.
• Being part of the team that helped put together the technical flyaway systems for events like the Olympics, The World Cup, French Open Tennis etc.
• Presentation of broadcast equipment to corporate standards.
• Logistics supervision ensuring multi million pound vehicle loads are carried out correctly and efficiently.
• Satellite warehouse supervision – Ensuring temp staff performance is acceptable and work to company standards.
• Stock control including but not limited to annual stock take events and random checking of accuracy to asset management systems.
• Effective logistical processing of multi million pound orders.
• On site operations representation for large projects.
• Day to day processing of business requirements.
2007 - 2008
Flyman – The Harlequin
My work as a theatre tech gave me the opportunity to stretch myself mentally and physically, and gave me the chance
to appreciate the efforts of both manual labour work and the commitment required to see a job through.
2011 – Present
Manager/Producer/Mix Engineer/Songwriter – Baltar Records
This is a relatively new venture and is something I decided to do as I wanted full control over what myself and my band are doing, both musically and as a business.
As well as the record label, myself and my brother/partner offer advice and direction to unsigned bands and artists who are at a loss. We are by no means the best connected group ever, but we have all been through the modern industry for a good number of years now, and we have helped artists obtain gigs that they wouldn't have otherwise known of, as well as offering songwriting services and song production. We also give talks at the Brit School in SE London to educate (and warn) the music industry wannabes of tomorrow of the truth about the music industry of today as well as providing them with information of what routes there are after you leave such a musical
Responsibilities of this role included:
• Development and implementation of the business plan.
• Mixing and mastering for gold record producers.
• Teaching vocals, guitar, drums, bass and music production to a high level.
• Providing management consultancy advice to artists and bands of all genres and skill sets.
• Keeping the business plan up to date and making sure that targets that have been set are met, and if they haven’t been met, work out why.
• Organizing the EP release for our other artist, Will Chaley, including arranging and producing his music video.
• Arranging and producing videos for the other band on our label – Fear No Fish (who are now defunct) and our new band Those Makeshift Heroes.
• Recording, Engineering, Mixing and producing of bands and artists material all under tight deadlines.
• Data entry.building a PR database
• Acquiring new clients through various live shows and networking events.
• Co design all of Baltars’ image and presentation to the public.
• Maintaining all online websites and using analytics to improve our online presence.
• Arranging tours and the logistics that go with it.
• Creating in house teaching schemes tailored for the electronic music producer and the recording engineer for all ages.
• Occasionally going into the Brit School once or twice a year to give some insight to the students on how they can influence their own musical paths and to dispel any myths that they may have heard about the industry.
• Starting and managing PR campaigns for self releases including all artwork and written content as well as video creation and live sessions.
• Writing songs for artists like Rebecca Creighton, sessioning for James Bellamy (Both XFactor), and writing and performing for Kimberly Anne (now signed to Polydor)
Freelance Assistant Engineer – Abbey Road Live
This year I have been fortunate enough to do some freelance work for Abbey Road Live. Putting my audio engineer
skills into practice I aide the team in recording, mixing, mastering and burning CDs at live shows that are then sold on
site once the performance has ended.
_ Responsibilities of this role included:
• Loading and unloading the van with all of the audio gear and disc burners.
• Setting up equipment to aid with the show.
• Being the face of the merc area and being trusted with all sales and money on the night.
2012 – Present
Manager/Producer/Writer/Performer – Those Makeshift Heroes
After trying with my previous band for 9 years, we took a lot of what the industry had said to us over the years and decided to start completely fresh, with a new ethos, new image, new sound and a new standard. So far we have recorded and mastered our debut EP, put together a host of videos, live and otherwise as well as orchestrating a national PR campaign securing live performances on radio as well as some TV exposure set for next year. We have also just put out 2 newer singles and have another to release in the coming months. With a Summer tour now under our belts myself and the other members can’t wait to get this band on the road again. We’ve been in bands for a long time
and we’ve learnt the hard way in terms of what works and what doesn’t and it’s time to put the ideas into practice.
Responsibilities are the same as the job listed below.
2002 – 2011
Manager/Artist – Fear No Fish
I was member of and managed Fear No Fish for 10 years. In this time I acquired useful contacts within the industry as well as airtime on local and otherwise FM radio stations and Sky TV. We have played most of the highly regarded venues in and around London, with a few shows at the Islington 02 Academy taking pride of place at the top of the list.
I have also managed to secure ourselves with gigs alongside the likes of Tinchy Stryder, Daisy Dares You, Kano, Pendulum (DJ set) and Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly and have a pocket of contacts that aid me in accessing the things I needed to at that point in time. I gave Fear No Fish a large amount of exposure that lead to a number of exciting instances over the years. I am a hard worker and extremely dedicated to my art, business and personal progression.
Responsibilities of this role include:
• The production and efficient maintenance of records, reference materials keeping up to date with the industry from a creative and business POV.
• Data entry for contact lists as well as keeping these lists up to date.
• PR support and orchestrating PR campaigns to promote tours and our last EP, “Now or Never”.
• Budget monitoring.
• Co-ordination of tours and studio time.
• Song writing for tight deadlines.
• Orchestrating the logistics for the band as well as travel/sleeping arrangements.
• Studio work both behind and in front of the recording desk.
• Organising releases of tracks through ITunes and hard copy stores like bigcartel.com.
• Taking part in TV and radio shows.
• Writing songs for other artists in a variety of styles and taking the songs on the road.
2007 – 2010
Songwriter and session player for up and coming artists – Dirty Beats Entertainment
This job involved the organization of meetings between artist management, artists and session players in order to reach the end goal. I.e. get the artist in question off the ground. This job has let me perform in a variety of well respected venues including the Clapham Grand, The Great Escape Festival and headlining the women‘s stage at Pride 2010, as well as take part in many a recording and songwriting session. This has helped me get a better overall feel of the business of the music industry, and has provided many a challenge which we have all had to overcome.
Long drives to various festivals and gig venues, as well as the loading and unloading of all the equipment help keep everything in perspective. The hard work is all worth it though when a plan finally comes together. Writing for commercial gain as well as to further my own musicality is something I love to do.
Responsibilities of this role included:
• Supporting the artists using my multi instrumentalist skills.
• Arranging shows.
• Re writing sets in different styles as to target different audiences.
• Coordination of the artists’ diaries, organization of meetings between the artists and venues as well as creating new relationships with more venues and other contacts to further the career of the artist in question.
2008 - Present
Bass Guitar Tutor/Vocal Tutor/Audio Production/ Drum Tutor
I have been teaching bass guitar for 6 years now. I aim to keep the idea of bass playing as fun as possible focusing mainly on creativity as well as technicality as to make the student stand out from the generic "shredders/slappers" in todays bass world.
I have also taught drums covering essential rudiments as well as stylistic skills that apply to different styles of drumming. I believe that technical ability is one thing, being able to be creative off of your own back is another. This can also be said again for the way I teach audio production.
Responsibilities of this role included:
• Preparing lesson plans on a week by week basis.
• Keeping progress reports on the students’ improvements.
• Learning a variety of songs and mix techniques to teach the students.
• Teaching based on grades and my own disciplines.
2011 - 2012
Session player and Song arranger – James Bellamy
Live and studio session work for X Factor star and West End music man James Bellamy. From playing Dubstep and RnB the way it was recorded, through to rocking up everything we touch, we had all the bases covered.
Responsibilities of this role included:
• Using my musical skill set and contacts to aid the progression of James Bellamy.
• Performing as and when needed.
• Aiding in rehearsal arranging.

Industry Qualifications

Btec National Diploma in Music Practice. (DDM) Equivilent to 3 A grade A levels.

Industry Awards

Winners of the In The City Songwriting comp 2010

Liberty Radio BOTB winners 2011

JAR Music BOTB Breakout Finalists 2010

The track we co – wrote “Feeling the Fury” was number 38 in the Radio 1 rock chart 2011 (was written as a result of winning the Northern song collective contest 2010)



BTEC National Diploma in Music Practice.

DDM (3 A grade A levels)

Technical Equipment

Warwick Buzzard

Fender P Bass

Fender American Jazz Deluxe Ash Bass

Westone Thunder 1A Bass

Takemine Acoustic Bass

Peavey TNT Bass amp

Peavey Micro bass amp

Peavey Hi-Sys 1000w P.A rig with 8 channel mixer and foldback (2 x Wharfdale Pro monitors)

Boss Autowah pedal

Korg Pandora tuning/training unit

Pearl MLX Drumkit

Allen and Heath ZED R16 firewire mixer

Mac Pro Oct core

Pair of Tannoy Golds

Pair of Tannoy DTM 8's

Full recording suite software with Protools 9, Logic 8 and Reaper

Final cut Express

Other Skills / Additional Information


Key Skills

Programme/Project Management

• Successful delivery of projects in broadcast and commercial music

• Experience of project quality assurance


• Undertaking user needs analysis, development of functional specifications, and implementation of a Department-wide client database

• Helping improve operational procedures utilising new technology as well as having a good understanding of database programs such as R2

• Ability to communicate technical concepts in operational/practical terms and vice versa

• Knowledge of the Microsoft Office package including advanced level knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as specialist management information systems and reporting tools

• Great knowledge of media programs such as Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Final Cut, as well as good audio production, mix, master and recording skills

• Good technical and practical knowledge of multiple instruments and musical technology, both analogue, digital and wireless/rf.

• Freelance assistant engineer for Abbey Road Live/DMZ – live audio recording, mixing, mastering and on site burning for live shows.

Relationship Management

• Ability to gain and build trust with co workers and new clients

• Influencing skills

• Teaching skills when working with children and young adults.

• Ability to create and maintain business relationships.


• Development of business strategy

• Ability to analyse complex data and identify trends/synergies using analytics from the likes of Facebook and Google

• Highly developed organizational, decision-making and problem solving skills

• Experience of staff management


Personal Details

Key Skills, Knowledge & Experience

I am experienced project based music and broadcast professional and I am committed to continuing my professional development in all areas. As evidenced by my employment history, I am always keen to take on a challenge and diversify my skills set as well as take on many a challenge off my own back.

I have been working within broadcast since 2002 part time and made the move to full time in 2008. In this time I have acquired skills and knowledge that I couldn’t have acquired in any other industry. Apart from the pressure that working in TV provides, I have also spent the last 5 years working within the music industry as a performer, session player, (studio and live) a songwriter, studio engineer as well as a record label owner and band manager. All of these things have given me the opportunities to stretch myself as a musician as well as a professional and have also given me the

chance to play alongside and work with world class musicians and producers. I am always eager to learn new skills and love anything I can really sink my teeth into. I have enjoyed the flexibility these things have offered me in terms of expanding my knowledge and experience base. I am looking for work that will give me the opportunity to continue to grow as an individual and as a professional, and where I can make a real difference.