Christopher Ransome

last updated on 26/04/17

Technical o Qualified Teacher/Tutor (Level 3 in E&T) o Helping improve operational procedures utilising new technology as well as having a good understanding of database programs such as R2 o Ability to communicate technical concepts in operational/practical terms and vice versa o Knowle… Read more


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Chris R CV 2016 MT.docx


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Stay - Fear No Fish
Those Makeshift Heroes - Whispers


Throw It All Away
Going Under working titl%3be - vox and guitar (1).mp3

Employment History

2015 – 2016
Freelance Music and Video Professional

Responsibilities of this role included:

o Freelance music workshops with Croydon College. Some in the college and some in my studio covering topics from songwriting to audio production and everything in-between.

o Writing lesson plans for all workshops and music sessions.

o Running a popstar party business called Rising Star offering photoshoots, music videos and commercial record production.

o Freelance photography and video services for both the creative and corporate/estate agent industries including marketing videos and multi-camera recordings/mixes of live gigs.

o Organizing all technical assets and implementing an asset number based stock hire system.

o Live sound engineering

o Studio recording, mixing and mastering

o Artist development (from song creation through to PR campaigns and polished music videos)

2014 – 2015

Technical Manager – ELAM

Responsibilities of this role included:

o Aiding teachers and students with technical support including music tech and IT.

o Helping to document daily life for the social media with my extended photography and videography skills.

o Teaching some classes and taking one on one sessions focussed on teaching a specific creative/technical skill.

o Mixing audio required for social media.

o Organizing all technical assets and implementing an asset number based stock hire system.

o Aiding with weekly masterclasses with the likes of Universal Music and Lovebox Festival.

o Taking studio based masterclasses with groups of 15 students.

o Fixing any broken musical equipment.

o Managing the IT side of ELAM including the R2 Server.

o Live sound engineering for music concerts.

2013 - 2014

Freelance Record producer and Tutor – House Studios

Key achievements and responsibilities include:

o Teaching of guitar, drum, bass and vocals in a professional recording environment.
o Aligning all of the business’ social media and utilizing analytics to obtain new business.
o The creation and upkeep of all social media of the artists on the development programme.

o Orchestrating and implementing PR campaigns for said artists.
o The creation of all photography and videos for the social media, including all camera work, editing and grading.
o Acquiring new clients and maintaining these relationships.

o Producing songs in every possible commercial genre daily for artists of all skill levels.

o Pop star experiences for children and young adults/stag/hen parties.

o Mixing with a hybrid setup of SSL and Neve based hardware with a DAW centric studio.

2011 – Present

Manager/Producer/Mix Engineer/Songwriter – Baltar Records

Responsibilities of this role included:

o Development and implementation of the business plan.

o Mixing and mastering for gold record producers.

o Teaching vocals, guitar, drums, bass and music production to a high level.

o Providing management consultancy advice to artists and bands of all genres and skill sets.

o Keeping the business plan up to date and making sure that targets that have been set are met, and if they haven’t been met, work out why.

o Organizing the EP release for our other artist Will Chaley, including arranging and producing his music video.

o Arranging and producing videos for the other band on our label – Fear No Fish (who are now defunct) and our new band Those Makeshift Heroes.

o Recording, Engineering, Mixing and producing of bands and artists material all under tight deadlines.

o Data entry.

o Acquiring new clients through various live shows and networking events.

o Co design of Baltars’ image and presentation to the public.

o Maintaining all online websites and using analytics to improve our online presence.

o Arranging tours and the logistics that go with it.

o Creating in house teaching schemes tailored for the electronic music producer and the recording engineer for all ages.

o Occasionally going into the Brit School once or twice a year to give some insight to the students on how they can influence their own musical paths and to dispel any myths that they may have heard about the industry.

o Starting and managing PR campaigns for self releases including all artwork and written content as well as video creation and live sessions.

o Writing songs for artists like Rebecca Creighton, sessioning for James Bellamy (Both XFactor), and writing and performing for Kimberly Anne (Polydor)


Freelance Assistant Engineer – Abbey Road Live

Responsibilities of this role included:

o Loading and unloading the van with all of the audio gear and disc burners.

o Setting up equipment to aid with the show.

o Managing a team of 20 students to aid with all activities required.

o Being the face of the merc area and being trusted with all sales and money on the night.

2012 – Present

Manager/Producer/Writer/Performer – Those Makeshift Heroes

2002 – 2011

Manager/Artist – Fear No Fish

Responsibilities of this role include:

o The production and efficient maintenance of records, reference materials keeping up to date with the industry from a creative and business POV.

o Data entry for contact lists as well as keeping these lists up to date.

o PR support and orchestrating PR campaigns to promote tours and our last EP, “Now or Never”.

o Budget monitoring.

o Co-ordination of tours and studio time.

o Song writing for tight deadlines.

o Orchestrating the logistics for the band as well as travel/sleeping arrangements.

o Studio work both behind and in front of the recording desk.

o Organising releases of tracks through ITunes and hard copy stores like

o Taking part in TV and radio shows.

o Writing songs for other artists in a variety of styles and taking the songs on the road.

2007 – 2010

Songwriter and session player for up and coming artists – Dirty Beats Entertainment

Responsibilities of this role included:

o Supporting the artists using my multi instrumentalist skills.

o Arranging shows.

o Re writing sets in different styles as to target different audiences.

o Coordination of the artists’ diaries, organization of meetings between the artists and venues as well as creating new relationships with more venues and other contacts to further the career of the artist in question.

2008 - Present

Guitar Tutor/Vocal Tutor/Audio Production

Responsibilities of this role included:

o Preparing lesson plans on a week by week basis.

o Keeping progress reports on the students’ improvements.

o Learning a variety of songs to teach the students.

o Teaching based on grades and my own disciplines.

Industry Qualifications

BTEC National Diploma in Music Practice. (DDM) Equivalent to 3 A grade A levels.

Level 3 in City and Guilds Education and Training.

Industry Awards

Winners of the In The City Songwriting comp 2010

Liberty Radio BOTB winners 2011

JAR Music BOTB Breakout Finalists 2010

The track we co – wrote “Feeling the Fury” was number 38 in the Radio 1 chart 2011


8/2004 - 6/2006 The Brit School, BTEC Music Practise., Selhurst, SE London

Gained a DDM in music practise. (Equivalent to 3 "A" grade A levels.) This course covered a variety of subjects ranging from writing for journalistic purposes through to studio based work. From ethnomusicology, to actually setting up and putting on a tour, including everything from travel costs to equipment hire. This course provided me with the tools that I required to further myself in the music industry from a business standpoint.

9/2002 - 7/2003 Reigate College, Reigate, Surrey

AS Level English Language and Literature – C

AS Level Philosophy – D

AS Level Music Technology- C

9/1997 - 5/2002 Reigate School, Woodhatch, Surrey

Secondary School or equivalent

GCSEs are as follows.

English Language-A

English Literature-B


Science (Double Award)-BB






Technical Equipment

Godin LGXT Quilted Maple

1 Semour Duncan Custom Custom Pickup

1 Semour Duncan Jazz 2 Pickup

Has a midi port for synth access.

1 Custom Fender Strat

1 PAF Joe Pickup

1 Fred Pickup

1 Classic single coil

1 Epiphone Les Paul

1 Takemine G Series Acoustic

1 Japenese 1986 Fender Strat

Peavey JSX 100w Amplifier

Peavey Bandit 112 50 watt Amplifier

Marshall GR30 solid state amp.

Blackstar HT Dual

Way Huge Fat Sandwich Harmonic Saturator

Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster

Dunlop Crybaby


Pro Tools 9

Allen and Heath Zed 16

SSL Alpha Channel

Se 2200a Mic

Loads of plugins for Pro Tools and Logic Pro

Final Cut Express

Full Adobe Suite

Professional broadcast and DSLR cameras.

Other Skills / Additional Information

I'm a competent drummer also and enjoy working with and writing in a variety of commercial formats, from heavy metal through to folk and soul.

I also love producing videos (especially if they involve music) and wish to expand my abilities in this area also.