Guitarist with BV's Wanted for Professional Working Band

Based near Leeds but working all acrross the UK & Abroad
£130 - £200+ per gig
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About The Job

Here is an exciting opportunity to complete the lineup on a professional working band. This is a brand new band formed by a group of pro musicians who have worked with numerous big name artists and have played and sung all over the world.

We are looking for a pro guitarist with bv's to join us in our adventures. You need to be experienced, funky, rocky, sensitive and melodic, with a great ear, strong vocals and pro gear. We are looking for someone who has a real "can do" attitude, is happy to learn material in their own time (to avoid endless rehearsals!) and is great fun on stage and off.

Once we launch fully we aim to be gigging at least twice a week whilst in the UK and will also play abroad whenever we can as the beer is better and the sun generally shines a bit more. We have contacts in most of the major agencies around the UK who are waiting to see and hear us, many of whom know us as former members of other successful acts.

This is the ultimate versatile band. We have a successful Motown and upbeat soul act but steering clear of the obvious Blues Bros/Commitments sound as there are plenty of people doing that already! There is also a good number of British and US sixties stuff thrown in for good measure when we're asked. We are currently putting together an energetic modern chart/pop/party set. We pay particular attention to the original sound and feel of tracks we cover and are lucky enough to have a great producer in the band too which means we can produce all of our own tracks and demos to commercial standards in house. We wear awesome suits, we work hard and have fun whilst doing it.

Please get in touch if you're interested. Ideally we'd like you to tell us a little bit about yourself and to hear some material featuring your guitar playing prowess and see what you look like too, so please provide a link or ask for an an email address to which you can send stuff.

*NB: We are based in the Leeds/York area but have a drummer from the Midlands and a bassist from Manchester - We generally rehearse in the Leeds/York area but gig all across the UK and abroad.

Sorry, this vacancy is no longer active.