Sofi Tukker - Fuck They

Sofi Tukker are duo Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpbern, who burst onto the scene in 2016 with a slew of great singles followed by a breakout EP, Soft Animals and a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording for single Drinkee.

Their enticing fusion of bossa nova, synths, guitars and dance beats have carved them out a unique position amongst their contemporaries, but there is also an intelligence and refusal to conform (single Hey Lion includes the lyrics "Hey Lion, please save your breath, you've already spoken, I've heard it before..") that adds even more intrigue.

Now they've collaborated with Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears on this new cut, of which Hawley-Weld says, “The whole premise is ‘f--- they’—the people that are trying to hold us back from being who we are, being ourselves really loudly,” and the result is an empowering, fast paced floor-filler that invites you to join their crusade to be an individual and ignore the naysayers.

The layers involved in the build to the drop are no less impressive than any of their previous tracks but the playful yet forceful message is delivered in a swirl of beats and BPMs that delight.  

Watch the official video 'FUCK THEY' below;

Catch Sofi Tukker live on Sunday 1st October at Oslo, Hackney. Tickets on sale NOW.