FEATURED: Brice Reiter, Digital Marketing Consultant, Artist Booker

Today, we're featuring Brice Reiter, Digital Marketing Consultant, Artist Booker and Social Media Manager based in London. 

Since gaining his Masters Degree in France and relocating to the UK, Brice has spent the past 5 years working consistently within the music industry and the digital management of artists. He has contributed to many projects and has worked for several agencies and labels including PIAS France. 

1) What inspired you to want to work in the music industry?

My love for music started growing at a very early stage of my life. My mother used to listen to popular French music in her car when she was bringing me to primary school. I grew up listening to Dalida, Georges Brassens, Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Gainsbourg. My Dad was more interested in electronic music. Thanks to him, I've very early discovered Can, Kraftwerk, Ennio Morricone, Jean Michel Jarre, but also Pierre Boulez o Stockhausen.

Later, I started getting interested in rap music. When I was in high school, I was passionate about street art and I even had a blog where I reviewed art exhibitions. In 2004, I was invited to Lille to review a street art festival. After the event, I got drunk and I followed locals to a really weird bar. In the basement, there were a few DJs playing some music I have ever heard before. It was a sort of dubstep or UK garage and a guy was rapping. It was the beginning of grime. Back in my hometown, I started to do research about it and I downloaded tracks from Wiley and Dizzee Rascal, but also songs by Kode9. I left my street art blog and I started writing for a French online hip hop magazine called 90bpm. I was the specialist of UK rap music. I reviewed Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Plan B and many others.

From that point, everything became clear to me. I wanted to work in music. I started to organise music events in France. My previous collective went big very quickly and after 3 years, I was organising shows in Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium too. 

During my time at University, I was all over the place; promoting events in France and around, playing as a DJ, producing music (sometimes), helping to develop a booking agency, while doing an internship at PIAS Recordings.

My passion was (and is still) without limits.

After getting my Masters I decided to leave France to move to London. Since a young age, when I was listening to punk music, London has been the place to live with music. I've still considered this city the best place to discover music. It is a real nest of emerging artists.

So, yes, I left everything behind me to attempt to get my foot in the door of the UK music industry. 

What really inspired me? 

I don't really know. I think my passion and love for music is more than a simple inspiration. It's like a way of life, I have been shaped from music. 

I love getting behind music projects, trying to make a talented artist grow and to take him/her to more listeners. I think music makes the world better. People need to dream, to travel, to forget sometimes. Music is a fuel for that. A talent can't stay in the silence, in the dark. I wanna be this person who helps them to become something. That's what I want to be.

2) How did you go about getting your foot in the door?

Hard to say if I have really got my foot in the door. I mean, if I am on Music Match, I'm still looking for a job however, I know that I need to be patient and keep doing my stuff.

Since I've been in London, I launched a new music collective, which is celebrating its 2 year anniversary in April. I am really satisfied with what I have been able to do with it so far. My music collective is composed of artists from different countries. With my competence and skills, but especially with my passion, I've brought people to Tokyo for performances, I've organised club nights in London, Paris and Berlin. We've released two compilations and many other remixes and songs. The next step gonna be even bigger. 

At the same time, because it is important to me to keep doing music stuff, I've been managing a US Rap Artist. With my knowledge and contacts, we have together released his first studio album which premiered on FACT,  with features and review in many press including Dazed, The Wire, TinyMixtapes, Fact, The Bullet, etc... I managed his first European tour. We participated at Berlin Biennale among other dates. 

I am also working as a sub booker for artists and as a creative for start ups. Still trying to continue doing things to prove how passionate I am but also how creative I can be.

What I'd truly like is to work for a music label or music agency full time, as an assistant or creative.

3) What album and artist(s) had the most impact on you? 
As far as I can remember, I think the album that completely blew my mind was Epiphany by Para One, a Fench music producer. I remember I was on the bus to school when I listened to it the first time. I had downloaded his album and it was on my MP3 player. I played music and I wanted to scream so hard, because it was just incredible. 

Otherwise, the artist who had the most impact on me is probably Kraftwerk because they woke me up, they took me to another level in terms of love for music.  

Lately, I've been really into the Anohni's Hopelessness album. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and this release has been the best of 2016.

4) Career highlight so far?
At PIAS, I have worked on a digital campaign for the music band Texas. It was for me my first big achievement.
Otherwise, I am proud of many things. With the agency Voulez-Vous Danser that I've co-founded, I have had the opportunity to work with Suicide before the death of Alan Vega. It was a real honour. I have also met and worked with Black Devil Disco Club, the father of French Disco. 

From a personal side, I am really happy and proud of what I've been able to achieve on my own : my music collective, my job as a freelance artist manager and creative. 

I've also designed a music app for a music project. You can find more details about it in my portfolio that is attached to my Music Match profile.

5) Best bit of advice for those looking to break into the industry and what to expect? 
Like everyone could tell you in music business : keep trusting in yourself, be patient, keep trying hard and don't let anyone bring you down.  

I think it is really important to keep doing things : helping local artists, attending gigs and music shows, networking, keeping an eye on music news, etc. You will see, it is not that hard and it could be really beneficial.

6) What projects are you working on at the moment?

I am mostly working on the second anniversary of my music collective. We will be launching a big innovative project which will be really new in the music label / collective realm. 


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